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Teen Splash Zone

We have a fab YA collection that includes fiction and non-fiction books, audiobooks, graphic novels that you can use. If you don't see what you need, please talk to our Youth Service staff. We love to help! 

Recently, we have revamped the Teen area with new tables. 

We have games and drawing/coloring activites always available.  Monthly there is a Take & Make activity that you can do here or at home.

June 5th - Teen Start-Of-Summer Party

Kick-Off Summer with this chill, laid back program. Soak up the sun, play some yard games, and hang out with friends!

June 12th - Archaeology Adventure

For this program, you'll not only have fun, but learn a little more about archeology through games and challenges! Kelsey Clemons, who studied archaeology at the University of Evansville, where she earned her Bachelor's degree, will be joining the program, giving valuable insight to the world of archaeology. 

June 19th - Tin Foil Art

Tin foil has more than one use! Join us as we transform a simple sheet of tin foil into a piece of art!

June 26th - Teen Scavenger Hunt

Get ready to be a true adventurer! Hunt for lost artifacts during this fun program!

July 3rd - Teen Craft: Bee Hotels

Did you know that there are some bees who spend their life without a hive? Solitary bees are bees that keep to themselves, drinking nectar and collecting pollen. Without a hive, these bees live in places like the ground, but these places are constantly under threat. Because of this, "Bee Hotels" were created. Bee Hotels are human-made 'hives' made completely out of recycled materials that solitary bees will use as homes!

July 10th - Painting With Plants

A lot of the natural things around you can be made into paint! During this program, we will discover which natural things make what colors of paint and create our very own natural masterpiece. 

July 17th - Teen End Of Summer Party

The End of Summer is quickly approaching! So grab your swimsuit and join us for one last Summer Teen Program!

Join us on Beanstack Teen Summer Reading Challenge!

It's easy, it's fun, and there are fab prizes!

To receive a completion prize (key chain, tattoo, sticker goody bag) complete a bingo (Read 6 books)

Each activity or bingo square is worth tickets that you can use for the grand prize drawing.  Complete the whole bingo card for a bonus of 20 tickets!  Register today start reading on June 1st!  Kick off at Altherr Nature Park for all ages is June 8th from 2-4 pm.  Music by Nick Green, fire and police department with an obstacle course, snow cones, ice cream and games!